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Professional video production for New Zealand businesses

Millions of people – including your prospective customers – watch millions of videos every day and that number is growing exponentially.

Video takes your marketing message to the world where it can be viewed any hour of any day.

At FYI Media, we give businesses the competitive edge by creating powerful and impressive videos that inspire your customers to buy. Whether you need video to induct, train, educate, entertain or sell, we have the video solution for you.  

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FYI Media is the Video Content Agency for All Your Video Needs

For all your video production requirements, our video content agency has everything to make your idea shine. We’ve worked on educational, promotional, marketing, induction and health and safety videos. FYI Media take your vision and create the content you’ve always wanted.

What Sets Our Video Marketing Company Apart?

Here is a list of things that sets us apart:

  • We have incredible customer service. Our top priority is to ensure that we always take care of our clients. Our digital video agency keeps an open line of communication with you whenever something comes up that requires your attention. When you choose us, you can rest assured that we’re handling the job, and when you need updates, we’ll provide them.
  • We work with contractors, so whatever you need, you’ll get. We don’t rely on having everything in-house because every video production has different requirements. Once we understand what your requirements are, we put together the perfect team for the job.
  • As a digital video agency, we excel at video production, meaning that when we approach a production, we have the expertise to compliment your precise specifications. We encourage your input as much as possible during our initial discussions and planning to ensure you get everything you envisioned.

With our excellent customer service, our adaptable teams, and our crafted productions, we cover every aspect of video production. From start to finish, we do it all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Digital Video Agency

Here are key questions our clients often ask:

  • Which kinds of videos do you create? The videos we produce are mostly business-related. This includes induction, health and safety, marketing and promotional. We also produce product demo videos, corporate marketing videos, or what is often referred to as ‘explainer’ videos.
  • What is the process of video production? Every video production is divided into four phases.
    - The first is pre-production. During this time, we make sure we understand everything you need and how we can uniquely deliver that.
    - We then write a narrative – a script. This is the most important part of the entire production. Once the script has been edited, usually several times, and approved, a ‘picture script’ or ‘storyboard’ is developed.
     - Once the ‘storyboard’ is approved, we start recording and filming everything we need to.
     - We then move into the final phase called post-production, which is when we polish and grade all our footage, edit it accordingly and finally hand it to you.

Why Trust Us as Your Video Marketing Company of Choice

Owned and run by videographer, Wayne Alexander, we are backed by decades’ experience in audio and video production. When it comes to reliable, quality service, our digital video agency has ensured the satisfaction of countless clients.

If you’re ever looking for top-quality video production from a professional video marketing company, we can ensure your product receives all the attention it needs to exceed your unique requirements. With our experience from concept development to post-production handover, your vision will come to life through us. So, contact us, and we’ll ensure that we execute your next video to your utmost satisfaction.