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Filming your video

FYI Media will produce the highest-quality video production for you. We’ll work within your budget. Because we love what we do, filming your video project will be fun and enjoyable. You’ll have confidence and feel safe with us managing your project.

We are well organised, without being overly prescriptive, flexible, enviably efficient and still highly adaptable.

Filming Your Video at FYI Media

Professional video production begins with professional equipment.

Despite the popularity and capabilities of mobile phones, the result can often be pretty average. Let’s not even talk about the quality of the audio.

A professional corporate video production company like FYI Media has professional videoing equipment. As a result, you’ll only get professional video and audio.

FYI Media uses the right lighting, audio recording and camera equipment to get that perfect result. Filming your video with FYI Media means your project will always be shot with professional equipment.

FYI Media is a professional video production company

Making your own video without professional equipment and experience may leave you with an unprofessional result. Not the result you want when the video is showcasing your business. Your phone may be great for capturing family events or special occasions, but not for professional video marketing purposes. 

Good audio is much more challenging that video. For example, a camera operator can just zoom a little closer to the subject and they’ll be good to go. Audio is frequently a nightmare. Ambient noise like lawn mowers, aeroplanes, traffic, people, road works, animals all end up on the audio track. For the DYI video maker it is one of the most frustrating elements of video productions. Good clean sound can add a lot to the video viewing experience. It gives the audience emotions and instructions that are often not seen on the screen. Just think of the impact audio has in horror or action movie. 

FYI Media has the right equipment to record high quality audio in the studio and on location. That’s just the beginning. Sound engineering includes audio processing, editing and mixing. The combination of voice overs, ambient audio, music, sound effects and ‘sweetening’ are all part of the mix. The audio engineer is a crucial member of the production team and, above all, they’ll ensure that your video production will sound professional and amazing wherever it is played. 


Lighting is the key to a professional shoot. It plays a vital role regardless of who or what is in the viewfinder. Professional lighting can frame and draw the eye to certain elements within shot. 

The camera and the human eye react very differently to light. Having the knowledge and experience on how and where to add light requires skill and the right equipment. FYI Media will take care of the lighting.

If you have a product to sell, knowing how to light it professionally will be the difference between average andstunning. A video marketing and production company like FYI Media knows how to light scenes but also what mood to go for when doing it. For example, high-end glitz and glamour lighting will be very different from a product that needs to look mysterious and moody. 

FYI Media uses lights, stands, special bulbs, and filters, along with devices to reflect and disperse light. We often team up with Angela at Angela Jane Photography who is a lighting consultant and an expert in this area.

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FYI Media should be included in the very early stage of planning.


With our vast experience in video production and a full kit of video production skills, we can offer guidance to shorten the development process.


Our CEO Wayne Alexander has been in the video broadcasting industry for over three decades (or all of his working life!).


He and his team know what it takes to help clients achieve the results they want when it comes to video marketing.

Get in touch today to talk about how our video production team can help you get started.


First we make sure we understand everything you need and how we can uniquely deliver that.


This is your script and is the most important part of the entire production. It's usually edited several times before you approve it. Then we create the ‘picture script’ or 'storyboard'.


We record and film everything using high-quality professional equipment.



We combine the components into a video that you will be proud of.

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