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"Passion is the energy that keeps us going, that keeps us filled with meaning, and happiness, and excitement, and anticipation. "

We provide an Emmy award-winning-like experience. Our marketing and video productions do more than entertain. We literally influence viewers' beliefs. You can be certain you will receive an unmatched strategic, technical and creative team with just one contact.

Wayne Alexander

Managing director

Wayne has nearly three decades’ experience in producing all types of business videos. Following a long and successful broadcasting career with Radio New Zealand (RNZ) both as an on-air presenter and in management, he set up The Very Useful Picture Company, which has morphed into FYI Media. Wayne hand-picks the best talent for each production from his large pool of talented contractors who have years of experience and are highly skilled in traditional and current film-making techniques.

Lynnaire Johnston

The Word Wizard

To produce a great video you must begin with a great script. Lynnaire writes exceptional scripts. One of her great skills is making the ordinary extraordinary and she breathes life and interest into what might have started out as dull and boring. Lynnaire has worked on a number of FYI Media scripts with excellent results.

Check out Lynnaire's awesome skills here .

Angela HAIG

Angela HAIG Photography

To have an award-winning camerawoman as part of the FYI Media team is very special. Angela’s work is breathtaking. Her talents cover all genres of still photography – portrait, landscapes, weddings, architecture, abstract, exterior and interior. FYI Media records many interviews at various locations, both interior and exterior. Achieving perfect lighting is imperative and this is where Angela excels. She has made a positive difference to FYI Media’s video productions.

You can view her wonderful work on her site at


Remi Lesueur

The French connection

When we received an email from Remi – a Frenchman in New Zealand on his OE – asking if we had work that matched his skill set, it was a no-brainer. His skills included cameraman, editor, drone pilot and translator so he quickly became an integral part of FYI Media, and a very dear friend. Now he has returned home Remi runs FYI Media’s European office, from Paris. FYI Media is a global entity!

Malcolm Sherlaw

Health and Safety Coaching New Zealand

The perceived minefield that is health and safety is no longer so thanks to Malcolm Sherlaw. Producing health and safety video resources is a big part of FYI Media’s production stable. Malcolm is FYI Media’s coach and trainer. He has also written FYI Media’s comprehensive Health and Safety Policy and Guidelines. His experience and knowledge is a great asset to FYI Media and our clients when it comes to workplace health and safety.

Cher Forgeson

The real ‘Wonder Woman’

Every company needs a Cher and, at last, I have one of the best. As FYI Media continues to grow, so to do the number of essential ‘odd jobs’. Her job brief is vague but to date it includes Facebook, LinkedIn and social media guru, location sound recordist, video editing, camera operator, researcher, script writing, creative ideas specialist and FYI Media’s greatest supporter. The truth is, Cher has come to my/our rescue on numerous occasions. Always smiling, always helpful and always professional.


Drone pilot extraordinaire

There is no doubting that videoing the world from a drone has added an amazing new dimension to video production. Josh is the most qualified and sensible drone pilot I have ever worked with and he takes his love of drones very seriously. His skills, experience and meticulous planning mean the actual ‘flying time’ is minimal but the results are always stunning.

Michelle Small

Video editor and Australian Agent (Melbourne)

Michelle has been a video editor/producer with FYI Media since we began. She recently moved to Melbourne from where she has continued her involvement. What I love about Michelle’s style of editing is her flair and gift for editing high-energy videos that have impact and are artistically ‘edgy’. Ultra-fast broadband has meant that working from Melbourne, or anywhere in the world, in a digital format is fast and easy.

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Our full-service team boasts over 200 collective years of professional broadcast, video production, and local, regional, national and international media experience.

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