What FYI Media clients say about our services 

We don’t aspire to have happy clients here at FYI Media, we already do. And here are some who have been so delighted with our service that they’re even prepared to go on video themselves to tell you why.

Our happy clients

Click Property Management wanted to introduce a ‘touch of humour’ into their marketing video, without compromising professionalism. The format chosen isn’t common – a video without moving images. Instead, it is entirely made up of graphics. But the great script (which was challenging to write), music and graphics ensured a great outcome for Click.

Chemdry Otago and Pure Services staff frequently work around hazardous substances and in hazardous situations, so health and safety is taken extremely seriously. In a job where chemicals, ladders and contaminated properties are routine, it is imperative that staff receive a relevant, accurate and easy-to-understand induction and training. The resulting health and safety video is testimony to their commitment to providing a safe work environment. 

Roy Hawker, of Hawker Media provides marketing strategies and delivers presentations to radio stations and networks around the world. Because they need to be clear and easy to understand, Roy uses video to ‘tell his story’. FYI Media has produced a number of personalised marketing videos for him to use in a diverse international market. Each is a stand-alone presentation that provides a consistent message in a professional manner. 

Hamilton Builders’ is a company that flies under the radar. Their skills are legendary and visible on every property they build. When they approached FYI Media to help post-produce a ‘time-lapse’ video of a recent build as part of their entry presentation for the ‘House of the Year’ award, the time frame was very tight. The post-production required some amazing software in order for FYI Media to meet the deadline, which it did with excellent results.

Livin’ Up was a clever piece of software that allowed a still image, like a photo, to open a video on a Smart device. Simply by ‘framing the image’ on your Smart device (phone or tablet) a video link would open on your device. Chris Roy, owner of Livin’ Up, was keen to introduce this clever marketing/educational software to the Dunedin market. One of the first to see its potential was Jason Hynes from LJ Hooker who asked FYI media to produce a ‘video tour’ of a property he was selling. The property sold swiftly and at a price that pleased the vendors.

Word Wizard is a marketing communications company specialising in website content and LinkedIn marketing. Owner and copywriter-in-chief, Lynnaire Johnston, uses FYI Media consistently to film videos for her website and LinkedIn profile, and presentations for events. These enable her to gain traction with potential clients and to be seen as a leader in her field.