Our Process


First we make sure we understand everything you need and how we can uniquely deliver that.


This is your script and is the most important part of the entire production. It's usually edited several times before you approve it. Then we create the ‘picture script’ or 'storyboard'.


We record and film everything using high-quality equipment.


We polish the footage, edit it together and finally hand it to you.

There’s no bigger idea than the one in front of us, and it all starts with a distinct human truth that informs the creative landscape of every campaign, bringing any brief to life in conceptual content spanning video, photography, podcasts, events, and more.

With a full kit of video production skills and services, we can start from scratch to brainstorm what you're looking for. We work to build and update your existing footage for the platform you're delivering from.


CEO Wayne Alexander has been in the video broadcasting business for over three decades, so he and his team know what it takes to help clients achieve the results they want when it comes to video marketing.

Get in touch today to talk about how our video production team can engage, build and educate your target audiences.

And things always go better with coffe!


We create multi-deliverable production days to keep campaign spending as efficient as possible.


Producing in house allows us to create more assets with an efficient budget and streamlined workflows.



With insight to an entire campaign, the creative, production, and media components are planned simultaneously.



When strategy, creative, and funnel optimisation work together, clients save time and money, with results that speak for themselves.

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