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Training and educational videos have proven to be extremely effective at engaging and helping people learn. The whole world uses video because people enjoy watching the experience. Just look at the billions who watch videos everyday and, probably, every night. The format ‘tells a story’ through moving images and audio. Video sets the scene, engages, poses questions and, most importantly, it is perfect for two of three cognitive learning styles: visual and auditory. As a result, it’s ideal for the modern learner.

Producing video training resources have been a major part of what FYI Media does. We’ve been creating engaging video tutorials for years. The key to our success lies in:

  • careful planning
  • a full understanding of the learning outcomes you’re seeking
  • producing creative, realistic and compelling resources that will better inform your staff, customers or clients to those outcomes

From health and safety videos to videos explaining your company policies or induction requirements – our team delivers.

We can create new videos from concept to completion or, when your training needs change or just a refresh.  We’ll be on hand to quickly update your video content.

Find out today how we work and let us help make ‘training on the job’ a little more palatable.

Educational video for whenever you need to up-skill your people.

When the video has an educational component it is imperative that you are in the control seat. That’s why you will really enjoy how we work. Firstly, our video production services use a step-by-step process that let’s you stay in control of the entire project. Secondly, you will have as much input as possible so, as a result, your training and education videos will be a perfect fit for you.

This means our work is ideal for a range of specific business learning tools including:

  • procedural training videos, policy changes, changes in government legislation
  • risk situations, like asbestos removal, pandemics
  • safe use of vehicles or other operational equipment
  • health and safety, emergencies, work site
  • new product education for staff or website content production for customers.
  • induction packages for corporate intranets

In conclusion, we’ll ensure your educational video’s a success so contact us to get underway with your next teaching and learning project.

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