No matter what you need video for – we can help!

FYI Media specialises in creating professional videos that take your marketing message to the world.

We offer a seamless end-to-end service that is cost effective and takes all the pain out of video creation.

Successful and effective videos are about:


Planning – the keystone to success!

The crucial components of a great video are great communication and meticulous planning.


Writing – the framework for the story

The video script and accompanying images are minutely detailed in advance of filming.


Filming – the final piece of the puzzle

Recording visuals and audio, and post-production where titles and graphics are added are where it all comes together.


What kind of video are you looking for?

Marketing, branding and promotional

Showcase what you do.

Health and safety

Educate new and existing staff.

Training and education

Control all aspects of the information you want to deliver.

Website and social media

Market your business online.


Clearly explain your product or service and how it benefits customers.

Real estate

Offer video to your vendors as part of their marketing.


Invest in high quality product, service or promotional videos.

Content marketing

Attract, engage and convert qualified leads from your target audience.

Choosing which video type is right for you is an important decision to make. Consult with us before deciding because the right choice will ultimately give you significantly better results.